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How to feed your Exotic Pet

If you are reading this you might be either an Exotic pet owner or
planning on having one. Well, I would say, Congratulations! It has been
said that people that can handle the feeling of being with an exotic animal
is likely not to be a mediocre in all aspects of their life. Experts said that
they intend to be different in their choices but is often leading to successful

Their Food as their names suggests “exotic” feeding them is no different. Since at this
era, there are wide array of these extraordinary species, it is safe to say that the choices for exotic pet foods are also many. Several factors may play on selecting the food includes; the size of your pet, its own preference and on what kind of food you can deal working on.

Some of these foods are not too friendly if your sensitive. To mention a few,  rats, locusts, superworms, grasshoppers etc. You must also know that these foods comes in either dead or alive version. There will be times that you need to store the dead rats for future feeding and having that delivery man deliver to your door your live crickets(LOL).

The difference

As we might assume that there is in general a group of animals called “exotic pets”, there is a huge difference on care for example on a Snake and an Iguana. We can compare such to taking care of a Dog and a Rabbit.

Please do me a favor before you bring home any type of pet, please do your assignment. Do your research. Know everything about it, such as its nature, behaviour, the dangers and tips on caring such an animal.

Choosing the Food

It is not sufficient that we only pick the food that what we feel our pet will like. We need to make sure that you will get this type of food easily and you will get regular stocks, so you won’t have to go to the mountains to get them. Also think about yourself if you are able to handle this type of food.

Frozen Exotic food

The most common ones on this category are frozen dead rodents(it comes in different size and ages) and is mostly used to feeding snakes. This is the most logical and ethical way to feed them because it is safe and it is not time consuming than breeding live rats to feed your pet.

You may also encounter frozen chicks(one day old chicken), rabbits, gerbils, small lizards or even guinea pigs.

You might also think that these type of foods are only of the snake. Well you are wrong. Large Lizards, Tarantula and some species of Centipede are feeding on these foods as well.

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Live food

Live foods for Pets are mostly live insects that can be bought on tubs or bags that differ in sizes. If frozen goods are mostly for snakes, Livefoods caters to a broader types of exotic pet.
This type of food helps its eater in various ways. For example pets like tarantula and praying mantis might require this type of food because the movement of the prey is needed to trigger the predator instinct. While reptiles like lizards require insects for dietary purposes.

Commercially available Live Foods are feeder cockroaches, fruit flies, live rats, mealworms, superworms, and different varieties of Cockroach.

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Giving your Pet Supplementary Vitamins

To make sure the your beloved Amazing Creature is getting all the nutrients from your food as much as humans they also needs supplementary Vitamins and Minerals. There are some kinds that will fit your Pet’s eating style.

For an instance you can do the “gut-load” where in you give the vitamins to the feeder so when your Pet eats it, It will get the vitamins from it. You can also dust some dietary supplements or alter the meat diet of your pet with berries or other fruits and leafy vegetables.

How Often should they eat?

While it is true that some foods contains more fat and it might make your pet lazy and slow, it is quite far that it will be overfed as long as you are giving a balanced diet.

A quick tip on Reptile and amphibian owners, your pet should be fed daily. Keeping the livefood always on the cage might be stressful for them as they are not always hungry. They also want to rest or play just like us.

Snakes can only once every week or 2 weeks because they need time to digest the food. But for others that eat plants, you need to make sure that they are fresh.

Some invertebrates like tarantulas eat once a week while mants will eat often or regularly depending on its kind.

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